Title: Canada and Her Soldiers, 1919
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4453A, South Dakota Historical Society File 2
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(c) All shipping for conveying Canadian, Aus-
tralian, New Zealand, and American Troops
is pooled, and ships are supplied to each
force according to its immediate require-
ments, and although everything possible is
being done to improve berthing and messing,
it must be expected that under the terrific
strain of furnishing and supplying sufficient
ships conditions cannot be perfect, and a
certain amount of discomfort cannot be
2. On arrival in Canada everything possible is
done to facilitate entrainment in order that troops
may be conveyed as quickly as possible to their re-
spective destinations. A special Railway Committee
has been appointed, representing all Canadian Rail-
roads, to deal with this matter.
arrival of troops a telegram is sent, at Government,
expense, to the Secretary of each Provincial Soldiers’
Aid Society, giving the soldier’s name, number, and
rank, and name and address of person in Canada
whom the soldier wishes notified of his arrival. These
Secretaries, on receiving this information, telegraph
to the relative or friend specified by the soldier,
notifying them of the approximate time of the
soldier’s arrival at his home.
4. RECEPTION ON ARRIVAL. As far as is possible,
arrangements are made by each Municipality to
meet all troop trains and welcome the returning

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