Title: Canada and Her Soldiers, 1919
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P4453A, South Dakota Historical Society File 2
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CHAPTER 1. Embarkation, Voyage, Discharge in
Canada; Transportation of Depen-
dents; War-Service Gratuities.
Section 1.
Points Applicable from the Time of
Embarkation until Final Discharge in
1. (a) On arrival on board ship every soldier is
given an advance of $5.00 for boat expense
money, and on arrival in Canada he is given
an advance of another $5.00 for train expense
money. / (b) During the voyage to Canada a cheque is
made out in favour of each soldier, pro-
viding for Pay and Allowances to approxi-
mate date of discharge, and including $35.00
Civilian Clothing Allowance, and also the
first instalment on account of Post Discharge
Pay or War Service Gratuity. This cheque
will be handed to the soldier when discharged
at his Dispersal Station.

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