Title: Resolutions passed, Citizens' Committee of One Thousand, 1919, excerpt
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG10 B25, Citizens’ Committee of One Thousand, Pamphlet: "The Activities and Organization. . . May-June 1919"
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"And whereas during the war thousands of undesirable aliens have been
able to take advantage of the shortage of labor and have been occupy-
ing positions which should be immediately filled by our returned soldiers.
"Now therefore be it unanimously resolved that such aliens ought to
be replaced as quickly as possible by our returned soldiers and all em-
ployers are hereby ureged to take the necessary steps with that end in
"That the Trades and Labor Council and the Strike Committee should
immediately place themselves on record before the public as to what
action they propose to take in respect to the thousands of aliens now
enrolled in their Unions who are walking our streets to-day as strikers."
These resolutions represent in concrete form what the Committee of
One Thousand stands for, and they have received the endorsation and
approval of the City Council as well as the Dominion and Provincial

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