Title: Chataway's Map of Winnipeg New EditionScale: [1inch = 1.5miles]. Compiled by C.C. Chataway Manitoba Land Surveyor.
Author: Chataway, C.C.
Source: University of Manitoba Archives and Collections/Université du Manitoba, les archives et collections spéciales.
Year: 1919
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Centred on Portage and Main and published in 1919, this map not only provides a spatial glimpse of Winnipeg's downtown, as it would have existed around the time of the General Strike, but it also provides the precise location of schools, churches, hospitals and other urban features, including street and railway lines. Finally, if one wants to extend their imagination, one could even visualize a copy or two of Chataway's map lodged in the pockets of those navigating through the events of Winnipeg's General Strike.

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