The Canadian prairies: a history by Gerald Friesen.T
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1984.

Forging the Prairie West by John Herd Thompson.
Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1998.

Manitoba: a history by W. L. Morton.
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Lessons > Women Win The Vote: Grade 6

Women Win The Vote: Grade 6

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  • Students will examine the role of women in Western settlements.
  • Students will explore the Canadian Suffrage movement in establishing political equality.
  • Students will identify the changes and developments regarding rights for minority and culturally diverse peoples.

Curriculum Outcomes: Cluster 2: An Emerging Nation (1914 to 1945)
Cluster 3: Shaping Contemporary Canada (1945 to Present)

6-KH-037 Describe changing roles for women in Canada from 1914-1945.

6-KP-046 Describe the struggle for and identify individuals involved in women's

suffrage in Manitoba and Canada.

6-VI-006 Value the contributions of various groups to the development of Canada.

6-VH-013 Appreciate the struggles of past generations in achieving the rights that people

in Canada enjoy today.

6-KI-014 Identify changes and developments regarding Aboriginal rights in Canada from

1867 to the present.

Materials: (Activating student interest and Acquiring information)

Vocabulary : to promote use of language in oral discussion, reading and written work

activist corruption
opposition compulsory
delegation vote
compensation equality
allegations referendum
prohibition campaigns
petition suffrage
feminists temperance
politics election
constituencies morals
reform electorate
prejudice immortality
militant league

Suggestions for Instruction: (Applying)

As information is collected, have the students create a timeline showing the dates and events of the suffrage movement. Have students compare women's rights in different countries during this time period.

Students may complete one or more of the following activities:

  • A poster supporting women's rights
  • Brainstorming for a working definition of the word "person"
  • Research your family tree and see if the women of your family were involved with the suffrage movement
  • Compare the "new woman" of the 1900's to the traditional Victorian woman
  • Discuss the limitations placed on women by their political and legal status
  • Look at the role women played during the First and Second World Wars
  • Women in society - the role of "mother" compare past and present role expectations
  • Occupations for women
  • Challenges faced by minority and immigrant women
  • Women in parliament

Suggestions for Assessment

  • debates on the issue of women's rights
  • presentations
  • projects
  • suffrage re-enactment
  • conferencing
  • oral discussions
  • written assignments

Extension Activities

  • participation in student activism
  • field trip to Walker Theatre
  • students may become involved with human rights organizations
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