The Canadian prairies: a history by Gerald Friesen.T
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1984.

Forging the Prairie West by John Herd Thompson.
Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1998.

Manitoba: a history by W. L. Morton.
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1957

Lessons > WW1: Grade 6

WWI - The War At Home: Grade 6

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  • Students will identify the major causes and events of the First World War.
  • Students will explore the social, political and economic changes that occurred during this period of history.

Curriculum Outcomes: Cluster 2: An Emerging Nation (1914 to 1945)

6-KC-003 Recognize Remembrance Day as a commemoration of Canadian participation in world conflicts.

6-KG-039 Identify major causes and events of the First World War.

6-KG-040 Describe Canada’s involvement in the First World War and identify its impact on Canadian individuals and communities.

6-VG-014 Appreciate the sacrifices that soldiers and other Canadians made during the World Wars.

Materials: (Activating student interest and Acquiring information)

Vocabulary : to promote use of language in oral discussion, reading and written work

war empire obligation assassination
global democracy conflict engaged
civilization trench warfare assimilated
prisoner independence amended reform
partisan advocate unity conscription
protest patriotism aliens oppressed
interned citizenship liberties censored
labour regulations indignities military
embittered declaration recruits deported

Suggestions for Instruction: (Applying)

Using background information, have the students create a historical timeline of dates and events of the First World War. A parallel timeline may be created identifying the contributions made by Manitobans in relation to:

  • First nations, Inuit and Metis peoples
  • Receipt of the Victoria Cross
  • Manitoba women
  • Manitobans participating in the war who attended their school, community

Further activities may include:

  • Biographies of Manitobans
  • Looking at the changes in Manitoba society, government, occupations, technology, economy and industrialization due to the war efforts.
  • How war continues to impact our diverse communities in Manitoba.
  • Students creating a daily journal as a participant in the war, or life in Manitoba during the war.
  • Visiting Manitoba Veterans and listening to their stories.

Suggestions for Assessment

Students will demonstrate their learning through activities such as:

  • oral discussions
  • written assignments
  • self-reflection
  • student presentations
  • projects, etc.

Extension Activities

  • field trip to one or more of the following museums : Minto Armories, Manitoba Museum, Western Canadian Aviation Museum,etc.
  • collecting further information from Veterans Affairs, Memory project
  • visiting a military base
  • planning a Remembrance Day service for your school
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