The Canadian prairies: a history by Gerald Friesen.T
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1984.

Forging the Prairie West by John Herd Thompson.
Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1998.

Manitoba: a history by W. L. Morton.
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1957

Lessons > Manitoba Schools Question: Senior 3

Manitoba Schools Question: Senior 3

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  • Students will explore the French/English language issues surrounding educational opportunities in Manitoba 1890-1897.
  • Students will examine the controversy between private and public schools.
  • Students will identify the issues in relation to the federal and provincial government, and the relationship between church and state.

Curriculum Outcomes: Canada-A Social And Political History

  • Federalism
  • Federal-provincial concerns with French-English interaction
  • Ethnic composition of immigrants
  • Government influence in the everyday lives of citizens
  • The influence citizens have on the decisions of government

Materials: (Activating student interest and Acquiring information)

Vocabulary : to promote the use of language in oral discussions, reading, and written work

question solution
conflict denominational
federal provision
provincial laws
struggle public
resolution ensure
launched community
parliament respective
francophones language
Protestant Catholic

Suggestions for Instruction: (Applying)

Have students chart the educational concerns and challenges of both French and English populations in Manitoba during this time period. A variety of graphic organizers may be useful for students to collect information concerning specific events, cause and effect, etc.

Have students compare and contrast past issues to present day in relation to English, French, Dual-Track and French Immersion programming in Manitoba. Students may also use their research to complete one or more of the following activities:

  • Bilingualism in Canada
  • How a law is changed – the effect on the individual, diverse community, etc.
  • Equal rights
  • Historical interpretation of religious pressures on school legislation
  • Public funding
  • British North America Act

Suggestions for Assessment

Students will demonstrate their understanding through :

  • historical debate
  • written assignments
  • projects
  • presentations
  • displays
  • response journals
  • conferencing, etc.

Extension Activities

  • Students may attend or hold a youth conference discussing possible ideas to promote and improve French/English relations in Manitoba
  • Look at youth employment opportunities that require bilingualism
  • Attend Festival du Voyageur, Folklarama
  • Look at the diverse language programming we have available to students in Manitoba
Digital Resources on Manitoba History