The Canadian prairies: a history by Gerald Friesen.T
Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1984.

Forging the Prairie West by John Herd Thompson.
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Manitoba: a history by W. L. Morton.
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For Educators

Lesson plans were developed specifically for Manitoba educators but the guides can be useful for educators nationally.  These lesson plans were developed by curriculum consultants using the curriculum guidelines of the Manitoba Department of Education and the Bureau de l’éducation française.  Lesson plans are available for both English-language and French-language streams and teachers are encouraged to view lesson plans from both streams to cull even more ideas.

Each of the six Manitobia.ca themes has one lesson plan to support the appropriate school grade studies. Learning outcomes are provided in each plan. Examples of these include:  

  • Grade 4 students will examine the geographical impact of the early Red River Settlement and the contributions of diverse cultural communities in the Birth of Manitoba.
  • Grade 6 students will examine the controversy between private and public schools in the Manitoba Schools Question.
  • Senior 3 students will examine the development of trade unions and labour movement through the Strike! 1919 – The Winnipeg General Strike.

Educators are encouraged to use what is appropriate for their particular group of students, as each class or group of students demonstrate different needs and varying learning styles.

Comments as well as suggestions for the use of these lesson plans and the web site in your classroom should be sent to help@manitobia.ca.

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