Title: Mary Louise Pickering Thomson diary entry dated 29 June1920
Author: Pickering-Thomson, Mary Louise, 1879-1967
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P6645/7, Item 19
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June 29. Tues [Tuesday] Election Day. Did up work & got
things handy for supper, & Papa & I left right after
dinner. Shower on way up. Made some business
calls in town & met girls, who were going to
attend Chatauqua. We got out to the school a little
after 4 & voted. McP-- lost by 7 votes at our
poll, glad we came out. Had tea at home &
left early to hear Mrs. Pankhurst at Chatauqua: a
fine speaker, & there was some good music.
McP-- has about 30 majority, but E. A. Mc-- was
badly defeated. We got down here by 12. Very tired

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