Title: Mary Louise Pickering Thomson diary entry dated 21 October 1916
Author: Pickering-Thomson, Mary Louise, 1879-1967
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P6645/5, Item 15
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Oct. [October] 21. Sat. [Saturday] Dull and damp: awful roads.
Did some baking & decided to go to town; got
groceries & settled Newman bill; pd. [paid] for flour
& bbl. [barrel] apples $5.50 got 6 pr. [pair] stockings @ 39$,
looked at underwear, etc. Papa & I went up &
had tea and bot. [bought] 1 doz [dozen] scones 1 doz.[dozen] gooseberry tarts.
In eve. [evening] we went to McVicar’s & Papa got
settled for threshing. Eaton parcel came & Jen’s
hat is very pretty & lovely flowers. Sweaters blue

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