Title: Mary Louise Pickering Thomson diary entry dated 2 December 1915
Author: Pickering-Thomson, Mary Louise, 1879-1967
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P6645/5, Item 14
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Thurs. Dec 2. Very fine day. Did up morn.[morning] work
& after dinner, Papa, Artie & I to town; got Xmas
groceries at Newman’s, called at Rest Room,
got pads & note paper at Arnold’s for girls to send to
the soldiers, at Brown’s, got moccasons [moccasins] for Fred 94.
Mink Marmot stole 15. & muff $10.50 for Jen. [Jennie] wool caps
for girls $1- small things, pr. [pair] undervests $1.50
for pads, envelopes, tooth paste & Powder
got 3 little purses 45¢ & candy for soldiers,
stuff for lemon crackers at Hills; called at
Auntie’s for papers. Home late for supper.
Put things away & got Jen’s waist fixed.

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