Title: John Evans Adamson diary entry dated 6 January 1899
Author: Adamson, John Evans, 1884-1961
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P5790 F.8, John Evans Adamson
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Epiphany (Que.) FRIDAY 6 (6359)
North West wind 18º below zero
bright and half moon.
This morning I look after the
furnace instead of getting the br-
eakfast. Been at school all day I
sawed wood at noon and after
four – and put the puck through
both double window and inside
one. Eve Leary came over with A. to-
night. Going to choir practis [practise] again
to night [tonight]. C. was over to the Inst. [Institute] tonight
to skate. Mr Leary was over to see Pa
to night [tonight]. Pa gave a Stovels pocket dir-
ectory tonight to help me on with my direy diary.

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