Title: Edmund A. Struthers diary entry dated 30 September 1905
Author: Struthers, Edmund A., d. 1905
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P517, Edmund A. Struthers Fond, 1905 daily journal
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SATRUDAY, 30 (273-92)
As ship not expected till night did not
turn out very early and wrote to several
people in England re. an agency
Called on Shaw at A.P.R of-
fices. Late in P.M. called on Deny and or-
dered the supplies for trip. Deceived in
arrival of a big Collier and rushed down
to the embankment.
Kensington arrived about 7 P.M. Mr. Cole in
charge of the lads gave his credentials
and letter from Mr. Owen. Lads un-
loaded and placed in the Hall. Secured
tickets loaded supplies in tourist 1089
and left about midnight or 1215
Cole accompanying bound for Toronto

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