Title: Edmund A. Struthers diary entry dated 21 July 1905
Author: Struthers, Edmund A., d. 1905
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P517, Edmund A. Struthers Fond, 1905 daily journal
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July FRIDAY, 21 (202—163) 1905
Weather still fine and crops growing at an
amazing rate
Considerable rain during the
night with heat today ideal for agriculture
Sent Heath and Warwick to station today
enroute to situation in the Dauphin country
and obliged to order Heath back as he was
charged with taking clothing not belonging to
him. On arrival did not deny that the
coat in his bag and a pair of brown pants
were not his. Locked the youth up in the
cell. Dr. Wright called at 10.30 and assisted
Mrs. Neville through a trying ordeal daughter

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