Title: Edmund A. Struthers diary entry dated 30 January 1905
Author: Struthers, Edmund A., d. 1905
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P517, Edmund A. Struthers Fond, 1905 daily journal
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MONDAY, 30 (30—335)
Dark cloudy morning up late. Nurse feeling no
worse decided not to leave for Winnipeg at present.
Busy at office steadily all day. Had Littler in from
CowShed reported for neglect of duty after a repri-
mand decided to send the boy out to a situation.
Mr. Pollard brought to the office at 6 and arranged
to send Watson out on Wednesday. Weather much
warmer tonight. Helped James with his arithmetic.
Wrote A.B.O. long letter in re. Smallpox. Dealt with
R.N.W.M.P. report re. one Stephen Broad and
sent letter to Davis enc. copy

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