Title: Andrew Wilson Graham diary entry dated 10 January 1870
Author: Graham, Andrew Wilson
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG3 B10, Andrew Wilson Graham, 1 file (Typewritten transcription)
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Jan. [January] 10 – After many night’s digging with
pocket knives, some of the boys succeeded in removing
the iron bars from a window in one of the cells, and about
three o’clock in the morning twelve made their escape,
Thomas Scott being one of them. I was ready to crawl out
when the alarm was given by a woman from an upstairs win-
dow. The guard, about 20, rushed in and around the jail.
The guard at the Fort also joined in the pursuit. One
was captured not far from the Fort. Hyman was taken six
miles from the Fort, with his feet badly frozen. This even-
ing they also brought back Miller, McArthur and Allen.
They found them asleep in Mr. Wheeler’s house, 15 miles
from here. They were badly used up; the exercise was too
great after so long confinement.

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