Title: Andrew Wilson Graham diary entry dated 11 December 1869
Author: Graham, Andrew Wilson
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG3 B10, Andrew Wilson Graham, 1 file (Typewritten transcription)
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Dec. [December] 11 – Today at 3 o’clock we were taken
from the building in the fort, and placed in the jail
outside the fort walls, on the banks of the Assiniboine
River. When they placed us all in a line, I thought,
probably, they were going to shoot us, as we could not
understand their language. Dr. Schultz and two others
are kept in the fort. There are six cells in the jail,
for forty of us to sleep in . There is a long, narrow
hall, a box stove at one end next [to] the guard house, and
a wash basin, on a box, at the other end, under a grat-
ed window. We are wondering what they will do with us.
Each man, when taken, had a pair of blankets, or a robe;
these we spread on the floor using our coats for pill-
ows, and our bedding for seats in day time. We sleep in
our clothing. James Ashdown is my bedfellow.

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