Title: Andrew Wilson Graham diary entry dated 3 December 1869
Author: Graham, Andrew Wilson
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG3 B10, Andrew Wilson Graham, 1 file (Typewritten transcription)
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Dec. [December] 3 - Exciting news regarding the rebels.
Thought it not safe to go to town till after dinner. Made
up our minds to join the volunteers. Took our luggage up
to Kitson, came back to town and enlisted and went on duty
guarding the stores and provisions of Dr. Schultz’s. There
was considerable excitement during the night by the appear-
ance of squads of French, at intervals. Once they drew up
their forces in front of our buildings. We expected they
would fire on us, but they soon dispersed. Towards morn-
ing we got some sleep. We are about forty strong. Dr.
Schultz is a genial, powerfully built man, over six feet,
red, sandy complexion. Mrs Schultz, Mrs. Mair and Mrs.

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