Title: Letter of 17 May 1898 from W. S. Francis to Charles Hubert Francis
Author: Francis, W. S.
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P304, Charles Ross Francis, Correspondence Personal 1898-1975
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so I called him up to my table opened my
drawer and took up out the strap, and
said "Andy do you know waht this is
for?" As soon as the little fellow saw
it, he clapped his eyes hands and bawled out
in his squeeky little voice, "Where did you
get that sing?" Andy can not count
very well, one day I asked him if he know
knew how many feet a cat has, and
he said, anozer one, and anozer one, and
anozer one, and anozer one. Then I asked
him if he had a dog and he said he had.
Then I asked him how many feet his dog
had and he said. " Barney as a big bunch
of legs"
There are fourn in my smallest class, Orville
Andrew, Erwin and Annie. She just started
this month. The second or third day they
wer [were] at school I asked them how many
toes they had. One had two, another had
foure, another had five, and another had
twelve. When Andy writes cat on his slate
he always puts some lines around it so
the cat can't get out. I have nearly as
many at school now as I had last year,
and I find it much harder.
I was in to Carberry for Saturday and
Sunday and say [saw] little Tommy Laidlaw, he is
getting to be a very ugly boy as he looks like Orville Wright.
P.s. Orville Wright looks just like Herb Your loving brother

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