Title: Letter of 17 May 1898 from W. S. Francis to Charles Hubert Francis
Author: Francis, W. S.
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P304, Charles Ross Francis, Correspondence Personal 1898-1975
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Kerfoot, Man.,
May 17, 1898.
My dear little Brother:-
As I promised to write
you soon I guess I had better start now, so I
can post it next time I go to Millwood P. O. [Post Office]
or to Carberry.
How are you little fellows getting along
anyway, I hope you do not fight much,
and help Mamma every day.
I have some very funny little fellows
at school, one looks a great deal like Mr.
H.W.R.F. if yo know who that is, his name
is Orville Wright. Another of my little Corkers
is called Andy, not "Handy Andy" or
"Andy Handy", but Andy Orr. He is a five
years old, and is a wee Dane; but has
been brought up in an English speaking
family, so can speak our language like
a young native. I think his right name
is Peterson; but everybody calls him Orr,
because that is where he lives. Well Mr. Andy
is a very funny little fellow, and has never
known been know [known] to be still seventeen seconds,
up to date. On [One] day in school he was extra
jumpative; and even I lost nearly all patience

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