Title: Letter of 4 October 1881 from William Lothian to Peter Lothian
Author: Lothian, William, d. 1930
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG8 B3, William Lothian
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We will try & secure the corner quarter section of 30 & if
we get it I do not think there can be a finer 640 acres of
land to be got. I was fortunate to go just as the surveyors
were busy blocking it out. Ours surveying was nearly exact
not a few yards of it on the east & west lines. Our potato
patch was only 2 feet of the line in the inside. The sur-
veyor a Mr. Bolger took my name as being the first to
improve on the east half section of 20 & it is now
as secure as if I had it & of which I am glad. Jim
was going to plough a little on the quarter section of
30 & going to put in his name for it. On Sunday Jim
Dan & I were all invited to dinner with the survey-
ors & we had a fine dinner with them. In the af-
ternoon Jim & I went up & had a walk over the estate
as also to see if there was no loose hay lying around
the stable as a big prarie [prairie] fire was raging away
west & at night the sky was all aglow with it.
Jim & Dan were busy when I went & on Monday
in taking in the barley which I sowed on the
8 of June. It was ripe about the end of August.
Jim & I always said we would like if poss-
ible to go ahead of civilisation to go where
settlers would be sure to follow & we came near
enough having our wish as we were you may say
the first to settle Pipestone & I was the
first white man to sow grain in that part
of the country & Jim was the first to put a
scythe in the ripe corn so you see we have
indeed been pioneers. Jim & I had a talk over
matters & we came to the conclusion that one
of us could be well occupied on our place
nearly all winter as there will be seed corn
to get up, logs for a house to get out & fencing

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