Title: Letter of 4 October 1881 from William Lothian to Peter Lothian
Author: Lothian, William, d. 1930
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG8 B3, William Lothian
Page 14 of 18


with flour & ham & other edibles due I suppose to the
empty state of my stomach though I did not feel
hungry. I awoke several times Nelly leaving 3 times leaving
with the buckboard, the last time I awoke I fancied
it was a little lighter a fancy strengthened when
I heard the ducks begin to quack. As soon as I
could see my way I started. I now saw a long
streak of similar further south & I became aware
of where I was. I made straight for the tops point of
this long bluff & after going for 3 miles I found
myself at the crossing of the Pipestone River not a mile
from our farm. I went up after crossing to our place
but found a hay stable half finished and no Jim in
the tent which was inside it. I did not know
what to think & hurried down to McKinnon’s place
where I caught sight of Jim going off with Pete &
Harry to bring in a load of barley. I was right
glad to see him & Dan McKinnon. Jim is looking first
class & says he has enjoyed himself this summer
splendid. During summer he & the rest of them had
lots of bathing in the creek. He has got 35 acres
broken & will finish the backsetting soon good
work that for a yoke of oxen. He has got about 20
loads of hay the stable being surrounded & covered
with hay which will make a warm enough stable
for this winter should we need it. I took up the
few potatoes 5½ bushels out of the bushel we planted
on the sod. They will be good for seed next year.
Jim dug a hole to put them in about 5 feet deep & it
was clay down that length. The black loam I think will
be 15 or 16 in. [inches] & the subsoil a dark yellow goes down
I do not know how far. I think more than ever of it
now though we will not take one of the quarter sections.
The one I spoke of as lying in a big hay marsh.

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