Title: Letter of 10 October 1938 from William James Sisler to Algernon Coleman
Author: Sisler, William James, 1870-1956
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG 14 C28, William James Sisler, Box 5 File 48
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In spite of strong political influence
directed toward introducing bi-lingual
teaching we were so successful that
the agitation soon ended.
Over a period of five years about
two hundred teachers were trained
at the Strathcona School during
summer sessions and carried
the same methods that we used
to rural areas of Manitoba.
I had outlines of work and
directions as to methods multigraphed
for the use of teachers but the
only materials put in permanent form
1. Spelling and Language Lessons for Beginners
in English McMillan
2. Illustrated Wall Charts
3. Outlines of Work for Evening School
Published by the of Education, Mantioba

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