Title: Letter of 5 December 1919 from William James Sisler to F. D. Tolchard
Author: Sisler, William James, 1870-1956
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG 14 C28, William James Sisler, Box 5 File 48
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homes. The majority of the children are learning English at school
but when they leave school they are under the influence of their
own national organizations.
With children who leave school before acquiring a good
education the picture shows, the pool-rooms, the dance halls and
the gangs at the corner stores have a greater influence than all
our schools and churches combined.
The great need is for community centres where people
of all nationalities can meet and get wholesome recreation and
an opportunity to get the best that we can give in music, art and
literature. Men and women with the true missionary spirit are needed
to give their lives to this work. Very little can be accomplished
without them.
This question was discussed at the National Educational
Conference held her in October. I think you might get a copy of
the report by addressing the General Secretary, National Education
Conference, 505 Electric Railway Chambers, Winnipeg.
I should be glad to answer any further inquiries that you
may wish to make.
I am,
Yours truly,
W Sisler
Principal, Stratcona School

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