Title: Letter of 1 January 1918 from Herbert Winfield Ross Francis to Sarah Margaret Francis
Author: Francis, Herbert Winfield Ross, 1891-1951
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P 303 MG6 D17, Sarah M. Francis
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B. Ward Waveton Aux. Hospital.
Tuesday Jan. 1st 1918.
My dearest Mother:-
I am starting
the year in a proper manner
by writing to you. It is just after
noon and all the patients who are
able to do so are just going out for
a walk. I haven't been outside yet,
as I walk with a stick in one
hand and the side of the house in the
other. I can navigate pretty well that
way around the ward so have no kick
I don't know what is going to
happen to me as all the Canadians
who were out of bed have been shipped
to the Canadian Hospital at Epsom.
For some reason I did not go. I don't
want to raise any false hopes in
anbody's breast but there is a
very good chance of my getting a
discharge and shipped back to Canada
in the near future. I found out

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