Title: Letter of 16 September 1917 from Herbert Winfiled Ross Francis to Sarah Margaret Francis and Etta
Author: Francis, Herbert Winfield Ross, 1891-1951
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P 303 MG6 D17,Sarah M. Francis
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Sunday Sept. 16/17
My dearest Mother and Etta:-
It is a beautiful
Sunday afternoon and I am sitting in
a little dugout not very far from the
German front line but just far enough
to feel a little bit safe. There are three
of us in the dugout and yesterday we
put all our money together and bought
a package of Quaker Oats from a
nearby YMCA so now we have porrige
to add to our regular army rations of
food. I made a stove out of a tin
can and made some porrige today.
We had no milk or sugar but we
put our ration of jam in it which made
it sweet enough. I'll be able to show
you quite a few up to date methods in
cooking when I get home. I'm learning
lots of things over here besides fighting
as we have to do such a lot of things.

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