Title: Letter of 6 April 1917 from Charles Ross Francis to Sarah Margaret Francis
Author: Francis, Charles Ross, 1899-1956
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P302 MG6 D17, Sarah M. Francis
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sad news of the death of
another friend of mine, whom
Art knew well also. I
think you've heard me speak of
Len Davey who used to be in the
office with me in Calgary. He
was one of the finest fellows I
ever met.
I received your letter of Mar
4th just after I had written that
last one. I suppose you will [be]
getting ready to go back to the old
house by the time you get this
or you may even be there. I hope
the chickens, pototoes etc. prosper this year.
You say the fellow Russell
chums with is 6'4", so he is
taller that the fellow I go round
with here who is only 6'1½", but
as he is quite slim he looks
taller. He can just about fit
the same tunic,
I hope you are getting

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