Title: Letter of 6 April 1917 from Charles Ross Francis to Sarah Margaret Francis
Author: Francis, Charles Ross, 1899-1956
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P302 MG6 D17, Sarah M. Francis
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get there I'll be just as fussy
as ever, if not a great deal
more so. For instance I've
frequently gone for a week or
ten days without a shave or
even a wash, but that would scarcely
do for the representative of the
Canadian Fire Ins. [Insurance] Cy [Company]. That
of course is only when we are in
the trenches, but when we are
out we keep fairly clean &
are supposed to shave every
I had a short talk with
Art McBeath again last night.
He is not looking as well as
he might as he suffers a bit
from rheumatism & I think he
is pretty sick of it, because he
has been expectiong to get his commission
every day & he is tired of the in-
definiteness of it. I was
awfully sorry to hear of the

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