Title: Letter of 29 October 1917 from Jack Winter Quelch to his mother
Author: Quelch, Jack Winter, b. 1886
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P517/3, Jack Winter Quelch, Letter #131/2
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in billests [billets], in the rear, if you
could call them billests [billets] at all.
I have seen a few hundred dead
too, but this is the worst its
and ungodly hell. From the front
line to three miles back there
is, well I think I will leave it
at that. They are lying all over,
shell holes full of water and corpses.
hell fire is the worst I have
seen yet.
We lost the best officer in the battle
in this trip, he was our secion officer
last winter. You will remember
my telling you about our loosing our
officer last winter, he got wounded
and was with it, for
three or four months and when
he came back in July, was prom-
oted to company commander. The
poor fellow had his head blown
off with a five shell.

I am afraid I might have over
steped the margins a little in
this letter and may have it censored
but I am sending it in a green
We are in a pretty fair billet
now warm and comfortable Text
It is raining a bit tonight
but as far as we ar concer-
ned are pretty comfortable.
You asked about sending a parcel
to some of the boys well how about
George Abrahams. I meant to suggest
it to you in my last letter but
Well I think this is about
all this time. So will say good night
give my love to all
Your loving
son Jack

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