Title: Letter of 29 October 1917 from Jack Winter Quelch to his mother
Author: Quelch, Jack Winter, b. 1886
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P517/3, Jack Winter Quelch, Letter #131/2
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Belgium 13 1/2
October 29th,
Dearest Mother,
We have just completed
a few days ago, one of the worst
trips in the lines since I have been
in France. I have seen and been
in some dirty holes in this country
but this was the worst.The facts
seen and done here by the troops can live
up to the imagination of any man.
I thought I had see a few thousand
guns while I have been in France
but having never seen the mass of
guns there are in this place and
the incessant bombardment.
The county is a big jelly pot of wet
mud and water shaking or
rather quivering under the
the guns. There are planes in thous-
ands and give planes their
due, they come over in bunches of
a dozen or so and drop bombs
and use their machine guns on
both the troops in the line and

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