Title: Letter of 24 February 1917 from George Battershill to Mrs. J. W. Battershill
Author: Battershill, George, d. 1917
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG6 D16, John M. Battershill Family Box 2
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France Feb 24/17
Dear. Mother.
Just a line to
say I am well. but have
had a nice attack of the
Grippe. We are out for
a rest now. & I am living
with an old French woman.
as we are billeted in private
houses. I pay her 8 pence.
a day. for a few extras &
it sure is worth it. I.
have a nice clean room.
two beds in it – one for another
lad. & mine. It is sure
nice to get between clean
bed clothes again & the
other night I managed with
my broken French to
get a hot bath & I wish I
could have changed my
underwear. but I was
broke & could not get
any more. I wrote Charlie
for a £ which he sent.

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