Title: Lettre du 4 juillet 1870 de Joseph Howe à Alexandre Antonin Taché
Author: Howe, Joseph, 1804-1873
Source: Archives de la Société historique de Saint-Boniface, Fonds de la Corporation archiépiscopale catholique romaine de Saint-Boniface, Série Taché,T7685-7688
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called upon to do so. No doubt can
be entertained that her Majesty,
advised by her Ministers, will, on
a calm review of all the circumstances
discharge the duty of this high
responsibility in a temperate and
judicial spirit.
The foregoing explanations are
given to your Lordship in order that,
it may be well understood that the
responsibility of the assurance given
by your Lordship of a complete amnesty
cannot in any way attach itself
to the Canadian Government.
The conversations to which your
Lordship alludes as having taken
place between your Lordship and
some Members of the Canadian Cabinet
when your Lordship was in Ottawa
about the middle of February last,
must necessarily have taken place
with reference to the Proclamation issued
by H. E. [His Excellency] the Governor General on the 6th
December last by command of Her
Majesty in which His Excellency
announced that in case of their immediate

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