Title: Letter dated 9 January 1870 from George Duncan MacVicar to Alex Polson
Author: MacVicar, George Duncan
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG3 B9, George Duncan MacVicar, 1869-70 (Typewritten transcription)
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Letter dated January 9, 1870 and written to Mr. Alex Polson of
Kildonan, Manitoba. Forwarded to the family of Mr. Macvicar by Mr. Polson's
son after his father's death.
Jan. 9th, 1870
Dear Friend:
I have escaped. Am at Mr.Black's. Will you keep a sharp
lookout,and if Riel commences a search at that end of the settlement
get me word as soon as you can so that I may have time to escape or
secrete myself. Tonight will you bring or send me a coat,pants,vest and
shirts,for I just escaped with enough to keep me from freezing. Keep the
matter as quiet as possible for I want to make my way farther down the
river tonight. I would like it if you come down for I want to see
you. By complying with the above you will lastingly oblige,
Your friend,
G.D. Macvicar
P.S. Try and cover my retreat as well as possible and if there is any
danger of a recapture,let me know in time. G.D.MacV.
P.S. 2 Will start right off down to Mr. McNab's.Could you arrange to
come down there with some things, or could you send them down. If you do
not get them down here before we start, we will wait an hour or so longer.
Add to what I already mentioned,a hat,box of collars,a pair of socks and
a pair of drawers,if there are any in my trunk, and oblige

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