Title: Letter and questionnaire of 10 June 1914 from Legislative Committee of Orange Lodge to F. J. Dixon with Dixon's answers to the questionnaire
Author: Lyons, R. N.
Source: Archives of Manitoba, MG 14 B 25 ½, Frederick John Dixon, Correspondence, p. 20-21
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(1). Are you in favor of a purely non-sectarian national school system as the only system
which would receive financial aid from the public treasury?
(2) Are you in favor of the abolition of bi-lingual teaching in our public schools?
(3) Are you in favor of compulsory education?
(4) Are you in favor of public inspection of all institutions receiving municipal or
government aid?
(5) Are you in favor of the following amendments to the public schools act:-
(a) Striking out the following underlined portion of subsection (s) of section
(2) which reads as follows:-(s)" The expression "school" means and
includes any and every school building, school room or department
in a school building owned by a public school district, presided over
by a teacher or teachers?
(b) That clause 2 of section 252 be struck out, which reads as follows:-
"The expression "teacher" in this section means a teacher for the child-
dren of the petitioners and of the same religious denomination as the
(c) That a clause be inserted in the act as follows:-"No teacher of a
public school shall wear a garb or costume which is of a distinctly
sectarian or religious character, and no emblem of a sectarian or
denominational character shall be exhibited or displayed in a public
school during the regular school hours?"
(6). Are you in favor of the repeal of all clauses in the act embodying the Laurier-Greenway
settlement of 1897?
(7). Will you, if elected, use your influence and vote in caucus and in the legislature in keeping
with your answers to the above questions.?
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