Title: Letter of 28 November 1917 from Alexander Logan Waugh to his father
Author: Waugh, Alexander Logan, 1895-1917
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P3348, Alexander Logan Waugh 11
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3 28/11/17
stunted willows, lining the canal. Along
the road were bits of blood-stained
equipement and field dressings where
men had been hit as they crossed
the open, and as I went on I came
on four, propped, limp against the
timber approach to the bridge. Their
luck had petered out, as blue-rimmed
bullet holes showed. It was with
more than foreboding that I breathed
a prayer as I took from dead hands
a rifle and a clip of cartridges, and
went on. As I reached the very bridge
itself, the first whip-crack overhead
told me that someone had spotted
me and I dropped in the ditch
against the timbers as the first burst of
fire came over and thudded above me.
To the right and left was a ditch, four
feet deep, with a bottom from which
tall, dead rushes had grown. As
I lay there a flight of aeroplanes came
over with the black cross distinct
on their wings. One turned back
and hovered and I was sure that
I had been seen.
Ahead of me was the canal bank
eight feet high with the tow-path

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