Title: Letter of 18 May 1917 from Alexander Logan Waugh to his father
Author: Waugh, Alexander Logan, 1895-1917
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P3348, Alexander Logan Waugh 10
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biscuits from Mother &
very good they are too. We
daren't light fires to cook with.
I got another parcel of tobacco,
socks & candy yesterday.
By careful manipulation I
can see the Hindenberg line
from here. Some line! Oceans
of wire - in fact I can
see motor-lorries coming
up with supplies. The line
we are against is pretty
strong. I saw a Hun
planting pansies around
his dug-out this morning.
I might say that I'm
having the time of my life
except that I would like
a good bull-dog pipe

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