Title: Letter of 19 December 1915 from Alexander Logan Waugh to his mother
Author: Waugh, Alexander Logan, 1895-1917
Source: Archives of Manitoba, P3348, Alexander Logan Waugh 4
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I got a Christmas parcel to-day from Edith
Leckie, the only one of all my friends who so
which as remembered. Why hasn't Chuck Hays
enlisted, or Wally? From all accounts there
is a streak of yellow in both and there
is absolutely nothing to justify either in
staying away much longer. Waldo, I
believe, received a commission after attending
a couple of weeks manoeuvres at St. Charles
some years ago, but it is only when it comes
to the place where a step is taken decides
a man's character, that one realizes the
true worth of a friend. Henceforth Charlie
Shays is an acquaintance. I notice too
that a number of Winnipeg's pet
ladies even, the Bawlf crowd and so forth
have enlisted in the air service. They are
quite safe. I often envied those very
people their gift of the gab and the girls'
very evident admiration, the way their
ties were tied and the hang of their trousers

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