Title: Letter of 23 January 1872 from Alexandre Antonin Taché to John A. Macdonald
Author: Taché, Alexandre A. (Alexandre Antonin), 1823-1894
Source: Société historique de Saint-Boniface Archives, Fonds of the Corporation archiépiscopale catholique romaine de Saint-Boniface, Taché Series Ta3993-3996
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considered as an entire condemnation of this policy.
We are all aware of your difficulties in Ottawa, but
is this Province to be governed especially with the
view of pleasing a party which, in fact, it is im-
possible to please? I hope that the order
in Coucncil of the 25th April last will be main-
tained, and that the Lieut. Governor will not be
embarrassed with new regulations which would
involve the condemnation of his first action, along
with the danger of bringing new elements of di-
cord to this country. You would have
observed with pleasure that the paragraph of the
speech of the throne, relative to the Fenian raid
has met the approval of all the members of both
Houses without a single exception. The "Mani-
"toba Liberal" did not dare to urge a single
word against it, not withstanding the hostive
attitude he had taken against it at first;
so universal is the opinion conviction that
the French Half Breeds are not at all favorable
to the Fenians and that Governor Archibald
acted wisely, when he chose to please that po-
pulation rather that provoke it.
I am sure you will have no objection to
shew this letter to Sir George Cartier. I expect

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