Biography of Sisler, William James, 1870-1956

William James Sisler (1870-1956) came from Ontario at the age of nineteen. He studied at Wesley College, took a non professional teacher’s certificate in Toronto and a B.Sc.Ed in Chicago. In 1905 he became principal of Strathcona School, which was attended by many immigrant children. Sisler supported the government’s decision to eliminate instruction in languages other than English because he believed that education needed to Canadianize newcomers. Sisler High School was named after him.

Mentioned in:


  1. Letter of 22 October 1915 from Arthur P. Walker to William J. Sisler
  2. Letter of 8 June 1917 from W. Jefferson to William Sisler
  3. Letter of 19 April 1918 from William James Sisler to Mr. Jackson
  4. Letter of 13 May 1919 from principal of Strathcona School to William James Sisler
  5. Letter of 5 December 1919 from William James Sisler to F. D. Tolchard
  6. Letter of 10 October 1938 from William James Sisler to Algernon Coleman


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