Biography of Moreau, Victoire, b. 1868

Victoire Moreau was born in Simcoe, Ontario in 1868. In the early 1880s she came to Manitoba with her parents, Toussaint Moreau and Zoé Lafrenière, who settled in the vicinity of St. Léon. She obtained a second-class teacher’s certificate from the Catholic section of the Bureau of Education of the Province of Manitoba in July 1885, at the age of 17. She subsequently taught for several months in a home in the rural school district of Théobald, in the parish of St. Léon. The following year, she married Henri Guilbault in St. François-Xavier. Based on information from La Société historique de Saint-Boniface.

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  1. Bureau d’Éducation de la Province de Manitoba.Section catholique. Diplôme de deuxième classe, cours français, accordé à Mlle Victoire Moreau 31 juillet 1885
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