Biography of Mulvey, Stewart, 1834-1908

Stewart Mulvey (1834-1908) came to Canada from Ireland in 1856 to teach in Ontario. In 1870 he was commissioned as an ensign in the Red River expeditionary force under Colonel Wolseley. Soon after his arrival, he helped to organize the first Orange lodge in the northwest. In 1871 he became editor of the Manitoba Liberal, which he used to express his anti-Métis sentiments. In 1885 he served as a major during the North-West Rebellion. Mulvey is remembered mainly for his involvement in education. He became a school trustee in 1871 and helped to draft Manitoba’s first education act. He served on the Board of Education for eleven years and supported the abolition of the dual school system. Mulvey was also an alderman from 1883 to 1888 and was elected to the legislature in 1896.

Mentioned in:


  1. Speech by Major Mulvey in the Manitoba Legislature, on the School question, February 26th, 1898; as reported in the Free Press of February 27th, 1896


  1. The Manitoba School Question: To the Orangemen and Protestants of Canada
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