Biography of Farmer, S. J. (Seymour James), 1878-1951

Seymour James Farmer (1878-1951)was born in Wales. He came to Winnipeg in 1900. Farmer was a pacifist and he was also involved in establishing the Labour Church in 1918. The Labour Church was organized by William Ivens as a church for workers and it met at the Labour Temple. The goal of the church was the achievement of justice for all humankind and it was popular with workers. It played a significant role in the strike. Farmer was also chairman of the Dominion Labor Party in Manitoba in 1918 and one of the founders of the Independent Labor Party in 1918. Later he sat in the Manitoba Legislature as a representative of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and was Manitoba’s Minister of Labour during World War II.

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  1. "Fighting Conscription in Canada" in The Public, Feb 9, 1917 by S. J. Farmer
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