Biography of Goulet, Roger, 1867-1946

Born in Pembina, North Dakota in 1867, Roger Goulet came to Manitoba following the tragic death of his father, Elzéar Goulet in the aftermath of the Red River Resistance in 1870. Well educated, he became principal of the St. Boniface Normal School in 1900 and was appointed first inspector of bilingual schools in 1900. In 1916, when the bilingual Normal School was closed and the bilingual school system abolished, he was named public school inspector for the province, a position he held until 1932 when he retired for health reasons. Goulet married Lumina Gauthier and raised a family of 11 children. Patriotic, eloquent, fluent in English and French, with a good understanding of several other languages, including Cree and Saulteaux, he was active in a number of national and educational organizations and is perhaps best remembered as a long-time member and president of l’Union nationale métisse St. Joseph du Manitoba. He died in Montreal in 1946. Based on information from La Société historique de Saint-Boniface.

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