Biography of Rigg, Richard Arthur, 1872-1964

Richard Arthur Rigg (1872-1964) came to Canada from England in 1903. He became a representative of the Bookbinders’ union and became an Alderman in 1914. From 1915 to 1917 he was a member of the provincial legislature. He joined the army in 1917. He drafted the motion supporting the strike that was approved by the Great War Veterans’ Association in May 1919. From 1919 to 1922, he was Superintendent of Employment Offices for Western Canada and in 1922 he was Director of the Employment Service of the Department of Labour.

Mentioned in:


  1. Letter of 28 May 1919 from T. Murray to R. A. Rigg


  1. "Fighting Conscription in Canada" in The Public, Feb 9, 1917 by S. J. Farmer
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