Biography of Picton, Pierre, b. 1896

Born in 1896 in Jarrier, France, Pierre Picton emigrated to Canada with his family in 1905 and settled in the parish of Haywood, Manitoba. He attended the Petit Séminaire de St-Boniface from 1910 to 1917 and then studied theology at Montreal’s Grand Séminaire. He was ordained by Archbishop Béliveau in 1921, and served as pastor in several Manitoba parishes until 1945. He then served as chaplain for a religious congregation and as a temporary assistant in the archdiocese, until he retired from active ministry in 1950. Picton was a tireless and tenacious researcher, who spent much of his life doing historical and genealogical research. Based on information from La Société historique de Saint-Boniface.

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  1. "La guerre actuelle est un bien" discours prononcé par Pierre Picton le 16 février 1915
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