Biography of Campbell, Minnie Julia Beatrice, 1862-1952

Minnie Julia Beatrice Campbell ( 1862-1952) was born in 1862 at Palermo, Upper Canada. After graduating from the Wesleyan Ladies College in Hamilton in 1880, a Mistress of English Literature, she taught for one year at the Ladies College in Ottawa. She married Colin H. Campbell in 1884 and they moved to Winnipeg. There she soon became a driving force for social welfare in Winnipeg and a leading organizer and fundraiser for social initiatives, war relief, and women’s causes. She began by attending a meeting called to form a women’s auxiliary to the Foreign Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church. Soon after, she began fundraising for the YMCA and was chosen convenor of the local Christian Endeavour Movement’s Relief Committee. In 1894, this group made the first Social Survey of Winnipeg. Among her other interests were the Women’s Christian Temperance Union, the Women’s Home, the YWCA, the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire, campaigning for a sanatorium to treat tuberculosis, the national Child Welfare Bureau, and work with new Canadians.

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