Biography of Crawford, Mary

Dr. Mary Crawford came to Winnipeg in 1903. An obstetrician by training, she specialized in the diseases of women and children. She also became interested in social reform because of the poverty, overcrowding, and terrible living conditions that she saw in the city. She became associated with the All People’s Mission, which was established on Stella Street in 1892 by the Methodists to try to help those living in the poorest part of the city. Crawford and other volunteers would visit the homes of the poor to teach them about hygiene and infant care. She also gave public lectures on public health and birth control, which was a very controversial subject at the time. She also campaigned for a variety of causes such as better working conditions and wages for female workers, became president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and was involved in establishing a Winnipeg chapter of the University Women’s Club. She also became president of the Political Equality League.

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