Biography of Roy, Marie Anna A., 1893?-1998

Marie-Anna Adèle Roy, elder sister of author Gabrielle Roy, was born in 1893 in St-Léon, Manitoba. The family moved to St. Boniface, where she studied at l’Académie St-Joseph and the St. Boniface Normal School. She went on to Queen’s University in Ontario and to the University of Alberta, where she received a B.A. in 1934. She taught school in the rural regions of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta for many years between 1912 and 1959, while occasionally working in other fields. While living in Alberta, she began her writing career, publishing a book entitled Le Pain de chez-nous. She later moved to Manitoba, and then went to live in Quebec for some time. She published three other books in the 1970s which document the pioneer years in the Pembina Mountain region and in St. Boniface. Marie-Anna A. Roy died in 1998 at the age of 104.

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  1. Map showing sections oocupied by the earliest settlers of the Pembina Hills region in the late 1870s and early 1880s. Draft annotated by Marie Anna A Roy of which certain parts were published in her book "La Montagne Pembina au temps des colons " in 1969


  1. Marie-Anna A. Roy, ébauche d'un chapitre du livre "La Montagne Pembina au temps des colons" portant sur les arpentages des années 1870 et 1880, extrait, p.8-9
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