Biography of Ewart, J. S. (John Skirving), 1849-1951

John Skirving Ewart, lawyer and author, was born in Toronto in 1849. He studied at Upper Canada College and Osgoode Hall, and completed a law degree in 1871. He moved to Winnipeg where he practiced law from 1882 to 1904. At the request of Archbishop Taché, he was to play an important role in the schools controversy as solicitor in the J.K. Barrett case which challenged a City of Winnipeg law forcing Catholic parents to pay public school taxes while supporting their own schools. In 1904 he left Winnipeg for Ottawa, where he served as counsel for the Supreme Court of Canada. He died in Ottawa in 1933.

Mentioned in:


  1. Telegram of 30 July 1892 from J.S. Ewart to Alexandre Antonin Taché


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