Biography of Schultz, John C. (John Christian), 1840-1896

John Christian Schultz (1840 – 1896) was born in Amherstburg, Upper Canada and came to Red River as a young man. He became involved in a variety of business activities and in 1864 became part owner of the Nor’Wester and sole owner the following year. He sold the paper in 1868, but while he was the paper’s proprietor, he used it to attack the Hudson’s Bay Company. The inflammatory articles that he wrote and his business practices made him very unpopular in the settlement. Another reason for his unpopularity was his leadership of the Canadian party, which wanted the colony to be annexed by Canada and dominated by Canadian immigrants. Not surprisingly, he opposed Riel’s provisional government and was imprisoned along with a group of his supporters. After he escaped, Schultz went to Toronto, where he stirred up popular prejudice against Riel and demanded revenge for the “murder” of Thomas Scott. Upon his return to Red River, Schultz continued to attack those who had supported the provisional government in his newspaper. In 1871 Schultz was elected to parliament, although he continued to incite the Canadian party to engage in lawless behaviour, such as attaching French-speaking Manitobans. Schultz supported parliament’s measures to expel Riel and the motion exiling him for five years. His main interest, however, was the development of the Northwest, the building of the railways, the treatment of the Aboriginal population, towards whom he was sympathetic, and the settlement of Métis land claims. After his defeat in the general election of 1882, Schultz was appointed to the Senate. In 1888 he became lieutenant governor of Manitoba. As lieutenant governor he was involved with the contentious Manitoba schools question, in which he sympathized with the Roman Catholic population. He died in 1895.

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